How to Plan the Perfect Party

June 23, 2011 § Leave a comment

Planning a party is certainly an uneasy task. From finding the right theme to setting the guest lists, we’ve all been there. When planning a party, details are key and for most people – that sends them right down the nervous track. So how do you plan a party without having to resort being Ms. I’m-going-to-kill-you-now-if-you-don’t-get-this-detail-right? We really don’t have the right answers but here is out “guestimate”. We think this might help –

1) Start a list

Yes. Whether you love or hate lists, we cannot stress enough that organizing a list will make your party planning (and your life) way easier. We have the tendency to believe that we can remember things, but truth to be told, really you don’t. Plus, writing a list gives you time to think about what you are missing and filling the gap holes.

2) Set a theme

One of the important elements in planning a party is certainly setting a theme. A theme doesn’t have to be necessarily an outlandish or a specific definition, but could just simply mean a general outlook of your party. Are you setting a formal dinner party? What are the colors? get the jizz.

3) Set a budget.

Budget is extremely important. Unless money is no object, setting a budget is extremely crucial to avoid skimming on any other elements of your party. Write down and allocate the appropriate budget on different categories of your party. By doing so, you have a clear picture of what to spend and expect from your party.

4) Getting the menu right.

Whether you are planning a soiree or an elaborate event, the menu is always the first thing on guests’ minds. Do take into consideration the general demographic of your guests – are they mostly vegetarians? Is someone in the group allergic to a specific food? Once you get the menu right, you will be relieve to know that a full guest is a happy guest.

5) The Guest List.

Unless you are in college in which you don’t even recognized half of your guests, setting a guest list is vital. By doing so, it gives you the right perimeters to planning the perfect party. After all, that is why you are planning a party right?

We hope this helps because you know we love to help in anyway! But really, we hope this provides you a rough guideline to planning the perfect party.

Good luck!


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