Serving Food at a Party: Do’s & Don’ts

July 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

When hosting a party, there’s no doubt that your guests are looking forward to one thing: The Food.  Yes, the Food. Why did we capitalize food and place “the”? Because really, good party means good food. Unless you are Brie from Desperate Housewives, one might feel overwhelmed when serving food. You might wonder, what do I serve? How do I serve? What would my guest like? How do I make it perfect? And the questions go on….and on….and on?

Ok, enough questions. Here is our Food Serving Guide List-

1) Know Your Guests

It is important to understand your guests. And by that, we mean the general demographic of your guests. If your guests are mostly vegans, you probably don’t want to serve meat at your party. Do find out who is allergic to certain food because allergies are often fatal. If you know someone in your guest list are allergic to nuts, you might want to forgo a menu with nuts – just to be safe. The last thing you want is an ambulance at your door.

2) Decide on Event Setup

Next, you have to decide on the setup of the event. If it is a cocktail party, you might want to look into serving finger food. Likewise for a formal birthday party, you might want to consider a seated dinner for your guests. All in all, you want to fit the food setup with your party theme. It would be a little awkward to serve seated dinner food at a football game party.

3) All about timing

Whether you are considering a seated dinner, buffet or cocktail party, it is important to time when your food is coming out. If you are making cold appetizers, you might want to start that first and refrigerate them before cooking your hot food. A good rule of thumb, make cold appetizers an hour before preparing any hot food.

4) Disaster-Proof your Food

We are really not suggesting you to buy food insurance (is that an option?). But to prevent any food mishaps, we recommend that you don’t serve barbeque chicken for a black-tie event. And serving fish with plenty of bones at a kid’s party is a no-no. This ties in back to our first point “Know your Guest”.

5) Decorate me Pretty

Unless you are having a barbeque party or straight-out no frills party, you may skip the decoration part. But we do strongly suggest good food presentation. Since you’ve put in so much work to prepare your food, why not go all the way and provide the ultimate touch. Something simple such as serving on a nice plate will make a difference.


What do you think of our list? What are other great ways to serve good food at a party?


Cheers from Private Event Spaces!



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