Coordinating Your Vendors

August 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Once you have decided on all of your vendors, ie: venue, caterer, DJ, flowers and etc, your next step is to coordinate all the vendors together. But before you become panic-stricken and hire a wedding coordinator(which in our mind, is a great idea if you aren’t a planner type of a person), read our do’s and don’ts to ease all your planning details! Although coordinating vendors may sound like a daunting task, it is not as hard as you think. Just read on and let us en light you with our planning skills.


1) Keep a list of all your vendors details such as name(s), contacts, addresses – all in a single folder or book.  Also, we suggest that you key in their numbers in your cell phone. That way, you don’t have to whip our your file in case of emergency! Also, do make sure you are friendly to your vendors because they are your point of contact for your event.

2) Follow up monthly or anytime a transaction does take place. This is to ensure that everyone is on a same page whether it is about payment, venue, etc. This is to avoid all possibilities of any disputes or discrepancies. Bottom line, just make sure to reply to any emails/calls if a vendor does call and not leave it to the last minute! The last thing you need is to find out that your florist can’t supply hydrangeas the day before your event when she’s been trying to get hold of you.

3) Call up and confirm exact time and date via phone and email. Although you might have relay the responsibility to a certain person, ie: maid of honor, etc, we believe it doesn’t hurt to just give a ring to your vendors to confirm all time and date. After all, it IS your event and no one holds more responsibility than you.



1) Ignore any of your vendor phone calls. Sometimes a vendor might have called you while you are at work, but do not forget to return their calls after work. There must be an important reason why your vendor is calling.

2) Simply trust that they know everything. You may be planning your only event, but do understand that your vendor has a list of other events on their book. Although it is their duty to ensure all of your event details are taken care of, it is still your duty to provide all details and stay in the same page. Bottom line is, do not assume that your vendor knows all the specifics of your events. Provide all the information you can and again, follow up.

3) Throw away receipts and contracts until all payments are finalized after the event. Most of the time, there are bound to be extra charges incurred for last minute additions. By keeping your receipts and contracts, you have exact proof from both sides shall any dispute arises.


What do you think of our do’s and don’ts of coordinating the right vendors? Are there anymore that we should add on our list?



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