Help Me Hire an Event Planner

August 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

Let’s face it, not everyone is a Martha Stewart or David Tutera. When it comes to event planning, many will get the chills because event planning is simply not easy. It is meticulous, tedious and plenty of details to take care of! So should you hire an event planner? Yes. But I can’t really afford to hire one in this economy? True, but an event planner knows the industry and could save you money in the long run with his/her connections in the industry. Okay, I’d like to hire one but how do I know who will be a good fit? Well, here is our simple guideline when hiring an event planner

1) A Good Listener

An event planner should be a good listener. An event planner may be a super professional in event planning but a good event planner should be one who can listen to your vision and make that happen. They should be able to come up with creative suggestions  and solutions. However, if you begin to feel them completely overshadowing your event, voice up. And if they still pin you down, we say in our utmost Donald Trump’s voice ” You’re Fired!”

2) A Visionnaire

Find an event planner with a good vision.  Although you want to find an event planner who is a good listener, you don’t want to just hear her say “Uh-huh” throughout the process. He or she must be able to manifest your style in a way you desire. Flip through their portfolio and assess their style. Whilst having an event planner with amazing organization skills is vital, you also want a creative and proactive planner too.

3) A Network Opportunist

Sometimes an event planner have a list of vendors  in which they earned commission from or maybe, they are all just really good friends (the cards are open..). But you definitely want to hire one with a diverse list of vendors. That way, you will avoid being pigeoned hole into just one list of vendors that might not share your vision. Don’t be shy to voice out a vendor you are particularly fond  to your planner. A good planner will ultimatly follow your wishes.

4) A Friend

We don’t mean hiring  Aunt Sally’s 17 year old daughter who loves to plan weddings/events on the side. Ultimately, you want to be able to connect and be comfortable around your event planner. After all, she is the ONE to call in regards to your event. Be thoughtful though – don’t call her at 2 am because you can’t fit into your party or wedding dress. She is still your planner, NOT mom.

What do you think of our list? What do you ultimately look for when hiring an event planner?



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