Dilemma of the Day: Should I Hire a DJ?

September 13, 2011 § 1 Comment

Dear Private Event Spaces,

My wedding is in six months and I’m extremely excited that my fiance and I have finally secured a date and a venue! We have finally decide our guest list which brings us to a total of 150 guests. However, we have one dilemma: We were going through our guest lists and realized that most of our guests are 35 years old and older. Although we are in our mid-thirties as well, my fiance and I love to get down and dance like any twenty-year olds. However, we know that most of our friends are already in the docile stage with young kids. So my question is, should we hire a DJ or not? Since DJ’s are relatively expensive to hire, we want to know if it is worth our money. Please help.

DJ Or Not

Dear DJ Or Not,

First of all, congratulations on your upcoming nuptials. Normally, DJs are a vital part of the reception as they bring life to the party. However, we believe every wedding is individually unique and we applaud your efforts for learning the demographics of your guest list thoroughly. In this economy, a wedding has become a luxury more than a traditional necessity. Although we think hiring a DJ would be an awesome idea, here’s how we look at it –

If you are scraping every cent to hire a DJ, just skip the DJ and plug in your iPod. But if you do have extra moolah and don’t mind spending it, we say – why not? No matter how old you are, everyone loves a good dance. In addition, the wedding should reflect the personality of you and your fiance. If both of you love to dance and reckon that’ll make your reception memorable, we definitely recommend hiring a DJ!  Ask family and friends if they’d know any budding DJs as they’d be less expensive than hiring one from an established company.


What do you think readers? Do you have any advice for “DJ or Not”?


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