A Day With a Special Events Coordinator

December 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

Disclaimer: The diary below provides a unique description close to home but does not necessarily reflect the general population of event planners and coordinators.



Check emails & voicemail. Read up on news, happenings and industry-related news.


Return and follow-up any calls from clients. Finish new client’s contract.


Email contract to client. Check emails. Make amends to Client #2 requests to extend event time. Revise contract.


Lunch break


Return calls. Check emails and send client #2 revised contract. Prepare for site visit appointment at 1pm.


Site visit with client.


Client #3 is ready to book the space. Sits down with client to go over agreement & package details. Receive deposit and signed agreement.


Prepare Client #3 contract. Received call from rental company about linens. Call Client #1 to confirm linen colors and number of chairs.


Schedule staffing for Friday and Saturday event. Send out pricing sheet to every form requests.


Table, linens & chairs arrive. Coordinate set-up with delivery man.  Set-up alcohol list for this weekend’s events.


Pick up calls in regards to pricing details. Set up appointments for more site visits. Prepare returned deposit checks to be sent out tomorrow.


Clock-out and prepare for tomorrow!


We hope you enjoy was goes behind the day of our Special Events Coordinator. Every day is a different day but this gives you a gist of what typically happens. What do you think? Do you think it’s interesting?



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